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ZA - Zach Allen

Multiple GRAMMY Winning Producer and Engineer ZA (Zach Allen) has released his 3rd single, a cover of the 90’s Alternative Classic “What It’s Like” by Everlast.


“I saw this as an opportunity to help people better understand my sound. Everlast used the acoustic guitar along with a drum machine style beat which I used heavily on my first single Just Like The Night.”

ZA states that this was one of his favorite songs growing up and that the 3rd verse especially gets to him.


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“The lyrics describe a kid named Max who was killed for by some gang members for speaking out of turn in a drug deal. Unfortunately I had a Max in my life. One of my closest childhood friends (who I will chose to remain nameless for protection of his family) was killed 2 weeks after his 18th birthday. He wasn’t involved involved with gangs, but he definitely began running with the wrong crowd late in high school. When I was playing the guitar solo in the outro of this track, I tried my best to connect with his spirit and pour every bit of emotion that I could into it. I swear I could almost feel him smile over me as I was recording it and that’s when I knew that I had the take.”

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