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Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters
Artist Performing on Stage

Develop strategic campaigns to grow a fanbase for our artists by utilizing multiple social media platforms (i.e. instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat) and connecting artists to their listeners through such networks

  • Hashtags directed to targeted audiences

  • Business accounts

  • Relevant stories and posts 

  • Scheduled posts

  • Follow relevant accounts and hashtags (people, music blogs, record labels, pages and groups specific to the artist and their style of music)

  • Non-music related content to further engage fans 

  • Build a cohesive and unique brand for artists by creating eye-catching, relevant content for artist websites including bios, professional photos, latest news, and links to other platforms

  • Track visitor data and use info to inform and grow artist brand 

  • Create and keep EPK up to date 

  • Create a sales funnel to attach people to the artist’s brand

  • Spotify artist page management and playlist curation

  • Support for Youtube 

  • Development of unique song release strategies for singles and albums

  • Support for better booking opportunities 

  • Radio plugging services 

  • PR for online media 

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