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About Soundtopeople

Soundtopeople is dropping pop focused tracks proudly with The Orchard

Originating from Munich Germany, Soundtopeople GmbH was founded by Benjamin Bailer. Its DNA is strongly connected to the music industry, when it shifted from analog to digital.

Soundtopeople is a record label with an international focus on music promotion and online music marketing.

The focus is on music that can reach audiences worldwide. The genres covered are commercial, marketable music, well-fitting to playlists for relevant music services. 

Soundtopeople invests in music for direct signings if the music fits in our roster. Please listen to our Playlist on this page to make yourself familiar before pitching songs to us here.

We also work on a service level where we can help you release your music. For more details about this service and how you can keep all rights while paying yourself, please reach out to us directly as well as visit our services page to learn more about how we can promote, market, and manage your music and brand.

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