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THK & Pacha Man

"Lost In The Crowd," a groundbreaking collaboration between THK and Pacha Man, merging the infectious energy of house music with the rich textures of reggae. This track is a showcase of both artists' groundbreaking approaches to music, designed to captivate a worldwide audience.

About the Artists

THK is composed of the innovative DJ Glenn Forrestgate and producer Style da Kid. Known for their ability to merge diverse musical styles into cohesive, engaging tracks, THK has become synonymous with forward-thinking electronic music.

Pacha Man is a visionary in the Romanian reggae scene, first making waves with his debut album "The Crystal Globe" in 1998. His music blends aggressive reggae rhythms with a unique mix of Patois and Romanian lyrics, establishing him as a pioneer in his field.

The Collaboration

"Lost In The Crowd" brings together Pacha Man’s captivating vocals and THK’s dynamic house beats in a musical blend that transcends genre boundaries. The partnership aims to fuse the distinct sounds of reggae and house into a single harmonious track, providing listeners with a novel musical experience.

Track Highlights

The song features an engaging mix of Pacha Man's robust vocal style and THK's mastery over electronic beats, structured to maintain an evolving and fresh rhythm that appeals to fans across musical spectrums.


"Lost In The Crowd" will debut across all major streaming platforms, targeting both Romanian and UK markets with a strong push for inclusion in top playlists. The track is set to become a staple for listeners who thrive on innovative, genre-blending music.

Take Action

Explore the rhythmic world of "Lost In The Crowd" by streaming the track, sharing it widely, and engaging with us on social media using #LostInTheCrowd. Let us know your thoughts and how the track resonates with you. "Lost In The Crowd" is more than just a song; it's a celebration of musical fusion, bringing together the heritage of reggae with the pulsating beats of house music. We look forward to seeing how this track resonates with fans around the globe and furthers the legacies of its creators.


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THK X Pacha Man.jpg

Lost In The Crowd

The night is young and the music is loud

I fell so high I'm lost in the crowd

In a sea of light people standing proud

People feel the vibe so they start to shout


Music make people connect They all share this natural feeling

Make you scream make you break your neck and rip the floors and the ceiling

Make you shout make you go all out this is such a natural healing

And we don't stop 'till we reach the top 'till we reach the top of the building

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