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Sky Machine x Gabby Patrice
Bedtime Stories

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Embarking on a pure pop expedition, Canadian Producer SKY MACHINE [Douglas Romanow] delivers clever spunk and sexy swagger in “Bedtime Stories,” a collab with Nashville artist, Gabby Patrice.

A retro/synth wiz, Sky Machine spent decades innovating with dozens of analog electronic beats and boards. He’s a recognized force in the North American music scene, having produced over 300 records in multiple genres.

Gabby Patrice is a Nashville recording artist who, in spite of the country music magnet which is Music City, was always drawn to pop hooks and storytelling. With the success of her first single, Bad Girl, she established her voice as the romantic girl who sings tragedy with a twist.

“Bedtime Stories” is a modern-day fairy tale. It takes you on a walk in the woods, whispers warnings about Prince Charming, recalling an  unsettling memory with a happy melody.  When your magic turns to monsters, take a listen to “Bedtime Stories.”

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