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Lunaz’s over 5 mil streams on Spotify alone have helped him create a solid fanbase.

His first three releases were based more in the Deep House/Chill sector.

However, with his new single “Body So Lit”, which means “enlightened body”, the Berliner-by-choice strikes a somewhat harder pace. His new single can be aptly described as dancehall paired with hard beats, Spanish rap, and melodic vocals.

He received support from Sesman, the rapper of the reggaeton group Pachanga, as well as Mr. Stylez, who already had a top hit with Sean Kingston and the Mafia Clowns. All in all, "Body So Lit" is a track that will find its way onto the dance floors of this world pretty quickly.​


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LUNAZ, Mr. Stylez, Sesman - Body So Lit_
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