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Lunaz Chill


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Criss Tonino, celebrated for his innovative blend of electronic and house music, continues to enchant audiences across the globe. His Chill project Lunaz Chill has achieved close to 2 million streams.  


His portfolio, rich with emotive anthems such as "Singual," "Hopeful Red Sky," and "Growing Leaves," demonstrates his prowess in merging various musical elements to forge a captivating auditory experience. His recent tracks, "Call For Peace" and "No Borders," showcase his dynamic versatility and a relentless pursuit to explore new sound frontiers.

As a guiding light in the music industry, Lunaz Chill offers listeners a voyage across the broad emotional landscape through his music. Criss Tonino's creative genius keeps each track vibrant and engaging, affirming his significant role in the realm of electronic music. 'Weightless' is anticipated to be a vivid reflection of his growth as an artist, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a moment of blissful escape that only Lunaz Chill can orchestrate.


Gear up for a refreshing musical journey with Lunaz Chill's upcoming single, 'Weightless,' poised to transport you to the idyllic serenity of the Caribbean Sea.


This track is a significant milestone in Criss Tonino's musical odyssey, blending the soothing sound of steel drums with his signature deep basslines and mystical soundscapes.


'Weightless' is not merely a song; it's an invitation to find solace under the shade of a palm tree, feeling utterly carefree and relaxed, masterfully crafted by the German artist behind Lunaz Chill.

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