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Eric Papilaya

Eric Papilaya is one of the anchor points in the Austrian entertainment business.


He has dedicated his music to pop. Influences from Mark Ronson, Mark Forster, Charlie Puth and Bruno Mars can be heard on his new album. He himself has had some successes in Germany and Austria with several rock, funk and soul formations.


As a solo artist he had a top ten hit, 3 Austrian Music Award nominations and with "The Rats Are Back" he was omnipresent on TV and in the top 15 charts.


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"I write best about feelings.

Those moments in life that provoke the most honest, clearest, most conclusive texts always have to do with emotions. The album is about love in the broadest sense.

Every song has to do with an emotion that arose out of love: no matter if anger, anger, frustration or any positive feelings.

Love is the most important fuel of creativity."


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In the middle of summer Eric Papilaya sends us on vacation to the beach with the sweet and the incomparable feeling of a summer romance.

His track is grooving like a the party in Ibiza and it is reminiscent of our last trip to Las Vegas where the whole night was celebrated.

There is a drop of bitterness, because there is the feeling that the summer romance could be a fleeting affair.

"Tag am Strand" or "Day at the Beach" at any rate likes to remind us of the summer love we felt then. - Without sand in the eyes ;-)

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