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Eric Papilaya

Eric Papilaya is a talented multi-instrumentalist, entertainer, and artist whose soulful voice and breathtaking melodies have garnered him a loyal following.


Slated for release on February 3, 2023, his latest song Butterflies promises to stand out with its stunning melodies and positive message.


Eric is an experienced musician with a dedication to making meaningful and memorable music. “Butterflies” fully lives up to this claim.


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"Butterflies" is a soulful and uplifting song about sometimes listening to your gut, trusting your gut, even when your head is saying, "You shouldn’t."

It's about holding on to happiness. "Butterflies" is also a message to look positively at the coming spring.

Writing in English is a matter of course for the Austrian creator. Before his hit "Get Alive" Eric had written mainly in German. His last album was also exclusively in German.


However, he clearly prefers to sing in English, which also benefits his record company, which has locations in Munich and Nashville. As a result, Eric is now focused on creating more international works.


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At a time when the whole world is stuck at home, creative musicians actually be grateful. At what other time, do you have so much time to produce songs, write lyrics and think about your projects.


Eric had massive issues with this statement: “I missed my band and the live sessions a lot. I write a lot of material, but first and foremost I am someone who has the most fun on stage or in the rehearsal room.”

After a very contemplative album, the Upper Austrian wanted to go back to his musical roots and have fun with music. It was all about getting creative in the home studio.

Eric listened to a lot of music from the Motown era: Stevie Wonder, Prince, old Michael Jackson albums. The kind of music that made him feel like he was in a jam session, even if he was just sitting alone on the electric piano or guitar.

When Eric started to write, the return to the English language came naturally. Since his hit “Get Alive”, Eric has been almost exclusively German-speaking. But, when it comes to the fun of making music, the simplicity and ease in phonetics, it is just easier to do this in English. And, it also was great for his record company based in Munich and Nashville. So Eric is back at writing more international works and introduces them by releasing the funky soul pop track “Getting Pretty Loose” as the first single on his next album.


The track pays homage to Prince, one of the artists who shaped Eric the most. “Getting Pretty Loose” is simply meant to convey the feeling that Eric had when he bought his first Prince album. The driving groove, edgy Fender Rhodes sounds, funky bass lines, and then Eric's distinctive voice spiced with a fine twang.

“Getting Pretty Loose” is the perfect appetizer of his upcoming album that puts Eric Papilaya's greatest qualities as an artist first: Passion and Entertainment!

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