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Don Bnnr

Don Bnnr (pronounced French): Don Bennoir always wanted to listen to the radio. In the early years of childhood he tried to emulate the moderators.

At the age of 19 he began training at a local radio station in Nuremberg. Here he had an insight into radio production and began to work there. The "moderator's request" quickly became the radio producer.

A few years later, with a stopover in the Allgäu, it landed in Leipzig and produced in Halle for Germany's broadest broadcaster.
In 2019 Don Bnnr no longer just wanted to work with the finished songs, but wanted to understand the structures behind them. He then taught himself how to compose and after work began to compose his own songs.

He made various contacts with people in the music industry, sent demos, implemented the criticism, and dealt with different genres. Particularly melancholic, expressive melodies, rounded off by current sounds and beautifully driving vocals reflect the image of Don Bnnr.


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Taste Of You

I won't say good bye yet can I change your mind
cause I don't think were finished until I cross the line
cause I can't let you go I want you to know 
that I will make you mine
so if only I could date you I can get to know you well you well
and the only thing that stands you and me together forever

so let me have a taste of you
and learning everything you do
let me have a taste of you
taste of you

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