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1001 Ways feat. Francesco Barbato


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1001 Ways feat. Francesco Barbato (The Voice Of The Sun) are releasing their next single "Tsongoy Codex 7"

Tsongoy is Filipino and means:

"Old shaman singing to the stars: Out of the chaos the Lotus blossoms and brings real love to the peoples of the world."


Codex 7 stands for the universal and ultimative message of Peace to the world. 

1001 Ways is an eclectic duo from Switzerland, consisting of Tobias Huber and Hilarius Dauag. Previously they astounded the world music society by releasing recordings of Mahatma Gandhi intertwined inclusive sounds: Music For Peace.

1001 Ways had worked together with international artists like: Farafina (Real World), Fathy Salama (producer of "Egypt" for Youssou NíDour), Omega III (producer of Madonna...), Elan (The Wailers), Pras Michel & John Forte (Fugees), Gipsy Kings, Tony Scott, Boddy Miles, and Calvin Owens.

Following an invitation from the United Nations and playing numerous international festivals, they keep focusing on their music and release a contemporary new recording with "Tsongoy Codex 7".

Francesco Barbato


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